Experience goG in Google Earth

One time activities

Create your own ropeway route and fly along

  • Under Places, use the context menu to add
    a path at the desired location
  • Give the path a name
  • Switch to tab Altitude and set 6m
    relative to ground
  • Click on individual points in the map and save

  • Set Flight parameters
  • Take off

Experience goG with rope suspensions and pylons in Google Earth - EXPERIMENTAL - Response time 1-3 days

  • Photogrammetrically displayed environment by Google Earth
  • Objects fitted into the environment
    • goG rope suspensions with guide rollers for recirculating suspension rope
    • Pylons and arches as anchor elements for GoG rope suspensions
  • Mark the desired route and copy it using the context menu


  • Create email to plan@goG.earth, paste clipboard contents and send mail

Note: Disregard the possibly wrongly assigned file type.
Behind this is a plain text file with the coordinates of the route.

  • Check mail inbox and open attachment in mail from plan@goG.earth with a double click

Note: The actual response time is between 1-3 days due to the experimental status.

  • Set the flight parameters:
  • Under temporary places select the path and click on the button  play tour  to „Take off“ and fly along the ropeway route:


    • Confirm any warnings that pop up with OK.
    • If the image is not immediately displayed with a ropeway, fly the round once. Google successively builds in the geometries, which can lead to a time offset in the display
You can control your fly with the buttons on the left buttom